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Peaberry Mamsera Juu

Complex, fruity sweetness, with notes of grapes, cherries and oranges.

Big and creamy



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The approximately 2,000 members of the Mamsera Juu Cooperative

Bourbon, Kent and Nyasa

Washed by hand in buckets, dried on mats or raised drying tables.

Harvest Time
September 2016

The Q graders in our cupping lab scored this coffee 84.

This coffee was sourced from the Mamsera Juu Cooperative in the village of Mamsera, in the Rombo district, on the eastern slopes of Mt. Kilimanjaro. Most farmers in Rombo, like in other regions surrounding Kilimanjaro, produce their coffees at home. They use locally made hand pulpers, wash and ferment the coffee in buckets, and then dry the coffee on mats or small, raised drying tables. Within two weeks of harvesting, the dried parchment is delivered to a cooperative collection point, where the farmer receives an initial payment. The cooperative then checks if the parchment is of good quality and has been dried to the correct moisture. Once the collection point has enough to fill a truck, the parchment is delivered to the Rafiki dry mill in Moshi. There it is hulled and graded; this includes sorting beans by sizes, such as AA, AB and Peaberry, which can create different cup profiles. The green coffee is then readied and sold through auction or directly to an exporter, after which the farmer receives a second payment, usually determined by the cooperative.